Referendum Results

Hopefully you participated in the ADSA referendum on student fees. The results are in and included for your reading enjoyment, as is the course of action for ADSA given the results.

1: “Since 2007, full-time students have paid $10/year (part-time: $5/year) to the Advanced Degree Students’ Association (ADSA) to fund professional development seminars, social events, travel bursaries, and since 2012, an annual student conference. However, because of changes in enrollment, the ADSA’s revenue has declined the past four years, and the ADSA Board has recommended an increase in the ADSA fee. Effective September 2015, shall we increase the ADSA fee to $16/year for full-time students and $8/year for part-time students?”

35 yea 3 nay What this means is that we (the ADSA board) have gone to TST to inform them that the students have okayed raising the fee for next year-we’ll keep you informed.

2 “The ADSA Board has also recommended a conditional increase in the ADSA fee of no more than $1 a year (part-time: $0.50/year) for future years. This increase would only take effect if enrolment continued to decline and a vote of the full ADSA Board authorized the increase. Shall we authorize future ADSA Boards to raise the ADSA fee by up to $1/year for full-time students and $0.50/year for part-time students, for the four academic years starting in September 2016 and ending in April 2020?”

32 yea 7 nay What this means is that the ADSA board, until 2020, will be able to consider raising the ADSA fee by the given amount without having a vote of the student body-anything more than this amount will have to come back to all the AD students for a vote.

3:” At present part-time and full-time doctoral students pay the same tuition, but starting in September 2015, part-time domestic students in Year 5 will save over $3,000/year compared to their full-time counterparts. Then in September 2016 part-time international students in Year 5 will also save over $3,000/year, with similar savings for every subsequent year. However, because part-time TST students are currently not members of a university student association, students who switch to being part-time lose their supplemental health and dental insurance. In contrast, part-time University of Toronto students pay $200 a year to the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students (APUS) in membership fees and insurance premiums. The APUS health and dental plan is similar to our full-time plan with the following major differences: a 10% co-pay and $2,000/year maximum for prescription drugs; a 35% co-pay and $600/year maximum for dental work, excluding comprehensive oral surgery or any denture services; and no coverage for hearing aids or psychotherapy but added coverage for prescription contacts and glasses ($100 every 2 years) and vaccines. Therefore, shall we ask APUS if part-time students can pay the $200/year fee to join APUS and their health and dental plan, with the same options as full-time students to have their insurance premiums refunded if they have another plan or move out of Canada? ”

26 yea 1 nay 12 don’t care/doesn’t affect me What this means is that ADSA will begin looking into what would be required to join APUS. No one will be joining APUS in the coming year (2015/16), but more information will be forthcoming.

4: “Basic degree students at TST colleges pay the Athletics and Recreation, Hart House, and Student Life fees and, in exchange, receive access to fitness classes, equipment, and facilities, Hart House classes, clubs, and committees, the Career Centre, and other centres and services described at Shall we ask TST and the University if full-time advanced degree students can pay the $800.36/year (part-time: $160.10/year) Athletics and Recreation, Hart House, and Student Life fees and receive these benefits?”

yea 16 nay 23 What this means is that ADSA will not be pursing the increase in student fees. It also means that as AD students we do not have access to these things (unless you pay for them personally, such as for Hart House).

As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact any member of the board.

Agenda for 10 Feb

Here is the Agenda for the next ADSA board meeting. As always you are welcome to attend the meeting or if you cannot but have concerns you want us to address just let someone on the board know and we will take it up.


ADSA Board Meeting

Agenda for 10 February 2015

2pm Boardroom 1, TST


1: Welcome and opening Prayer


2: College Reps

-St. Mikes







3: Department Reps






4: Committees

-Academic Council





5: Drawing for survey gift card


6: Travel Bursaries


7: Town hall recap


8: PD Seminar


9: Election and AGM

-Set Date for AGM

-Who is still on for next year/what positions are open


10: New PhD Issues

-Andrew Woodward


11: Other business


12: Closing

From the Town Hall

Hello everyone,

As promised, here is the power point and hand out from the town hall regarding student fees. If you have any other questions please send me an email and I will be more than happy to try and get you an answer.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the town hall and even if you could not make it please remember to vote in the referendum!


Health and Dental Plan Handout

Advanced Degree Students’ Association Referendum Town Hall

January meeting agenda

Hi everyone.

Here is the agenda for the next ADSA board meeting on January 14. As always you are welcome to attend, it will be in the seminar room at TST at 10am. If you could please just let me know if you are coming so that we can make sure there are enough chairs (unless you like standing against the wall). Also, as always, if there is anything else you think we need to be talking about please let me, your college rep or anyone else on the ADSA board know and we’ll be more than happy and willing to take it up.

Advanced Degree Students’ Association


January 14, 2015

1: Opening Prayer

2: College Reps





-Saint Mikes


3: Department Reps






4: Other Committees

-Academic Council



-Board of Trustees

5: Conference

6: PD Seminar (Mental Health)

7: Survey Results

8: Townhall

9: Other business

November 13 Minutes

Hi everyone,

Sorry these have gotten out so late, Christmas and end/start of term has put me a bit behind.

As always, if you have any questions/concerns or just want to say hi please feel free to email me or anyone on the ADSA board.



ADSA Minutes                                                                                               November 13, 2014

  1. Meeting called to Order 10:07 with prayer by Becca.

Note: Minutes are disseminated to board members by email as of last meeting.

  1. Department Reps

History- none

Theology- none, has meeting in 2 weeks

Pastoral- none

Library- December 1st meeting

Academic Council- nothing earth shattering, set a date for faculty assembly which was had and the new PhD program was the major topic. This was the same info that was distributed by listerv to all students on Nov. 12. No news on MA or D.Min. programs.


GSC- last meeting canceled

Conference- work will continue after AAR/SBL

  1. College Reps


Knox- had celebration for 170th anniversary


Trinity- none

St Mikes- Trivia night went well, Dec 12 Christmas Party cancelled. John Meagher annual lecture will be November 14, lecture on Bioethics @ 7:00.

Regis- Lonergan Lecture well attended

  1. Surveys- moved to later in meeting
  1. PD seminars

Thesis- went “awesome”, but with low attendance. Jerry did well.

Mental Health- ready to go on the 19th. People from counseling booked.

January- addition of the conference has changed the makeup of Spring semester for students. The board decides to scrap the Jan. seminar because of all that is going on, with the possibility of something else later in the year.

  1. Travel Bursaries-

Becca forgot names so drawing will take place later in the day and she will inform the board of winners

Funding- Alan found money that is restricted to ON students. Becca feels that it would be to complicated and annoying for ADSA to deal with these restrictions. Fees might also change soon that would make more money available to ADSA. Board respectfully declines.

  1. Other Business

US Student Loans- Becca discussed with Alan, Jerry, and Diane. The US doesn’t grant money to non-degree schools loan money. The loans were being certified by U of T even though hey were not supposed to. This action was a correction after the Department of Education audit. Many of the reactions were about communication. Individuals responses by colleges was however good. At the request of the Board, Becca will attempt to organize a meeting with registrars/representatives of colleges, TST, U of T, the US Consulate, and possibly the School of Nursing and Med School, to discuss this issue and funding as a whole.

4)   Surveys

Writing Center- Becca and Michael had a good meeting in which TST sorted out some logistics. Fees will be going down, but the writing center wants a referendum to make sure TST students still want it. This ref. will occur in February. A ref. on raising the ADSA fee to offset the drop will also occur. A town Hall will happen for both beforehand.

TATP- ADSA had access, for which we didn’t pay (maybe), and so they have cancelled TST’s access. Survey was presented to a sample of the students, which was gone over. Alan says TST might be paying for this in the new MOA. Jerry and Alan also spoke about a universal pool of TA’s. another option is for ADSA’s PD seminars to take on this training program. There will be a meeting with Wycliffe to discuss their involvement and desire for TATP.

Christmas Survey- Same as last year except for a few minor changes. Survey is good . TST has stats, this allows ADSA to also have stats.

Jonathan proposed a motion be passed by the board celebrating the completion of the new PhD approval process.

Passed Unanimously

Meeting adjourned @ 11:28

November Meeting Agenda

Hello everyone!

Bellow is the Agenda for the ADSA board meeting. It will at 10am on Nov 13 in the seminar room at TST It is an open meeting, so anyone is welcome to attend (but if you could, please let me know if you are going to come, that way we can make sure we have a seat for you). If you have a specific concern you would like addressed please email me (Becca) at and we can add it to the agenda.

Advanced Degree Students’ Association


November 13, 2014 Board Meeting 10AM

1: Opening Prayer

2: Department Reps







-Academic Council

-Graduate Studies Council


3: College Reps





-St. Mikes


4: Surveys

-Teaching Assistant Training

-Christmas Survey

-and the Writing Center

5: PD Seminars

-Recap of Thesis Writing

-Mental Health

-What to do in January?

-Another seminar or maybe a social gathering or nothing or something else?

6: Travel Bursaries

-Draw names


7: Other business

8: Next meeting?

October Meeting Minutes

ADSA Minutes

October 15, 2014

  1. Meeting called to Order @ 2:03 with Prayer by Michael
  2. Introductions
  3. Minutes- approval moved Jonathan, 2nd by Abigail

*from now on minutes will be approved by email so that they might be gotten out sooner. Board members will be considered to have approved the meetings unless they note their objections by email.

4)   Reports

Knox- had AD meeting last week for all AD students

St Mikes– Women’s Tea Time Oct 16 @ 4:00pm. Oct 24-25 Music, Theology and Justice Conference. Oct 30 Trappist Trivia

Trin– Had 1st AD meeting (small but good turnout)

Hx-had a meeting. CCHS conference Oct 31-Nov 2 with TST students and Faculty presenting

MA- PD seminar Oct 16 on MA Thesis Writing

ADC-PhD program has not yet been approved, but is being worked upon. MA proposal- New MA will replace ThM and current MA (concern for those that already have a MA). ADSA is listed on the TST org chart as a committee of the Graduate Center, done because TST knows who is part of the program, Becca will investigate.

GSC- will have 3 reps for this year with representation going down to 2 next year. Board of Trustees liked the survey but want Jerry to have input next time for clarities sake.

UofT-ICS making progress for student association, we have invited them to events in the past and will continue to do so until they are set up, at which point we will discuss payment options, unknown what the timeline will be. TA training program meetings were encouraging about coming to a deal, asked for a needs assessment, survey will be happening to see if it is needed. Michael is investigating if there is actually a problem that is needed to be solved with regards to the part-time dental discussion.

Conference- we only received $1500 for Judaism and Christian Studies. Also looking for students that are doing Judaism studies work for recruitment for this conference.

5)   PD seminar- Thesis writing seminar for MA students. Gift cards of $25 for presenters

Mental Health-Nov/Dec- Jonathan and Allison

Jobs Seminar- because of Regis and the Bridge class on Jobs we will not be doing anything this year for Jobs. Still looking for other alternatives (possibly a social gathering)

6)   Other – Dominican Institute doing conference “Church Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” on ecclesiology, Jan 23, 2013.   Call for papers coming soon.

7)   Next Meeting Nov 13, 2014 @ 10am

Meeting closed @ 3:00 pm